How can we improve the world around us?

To improve the world around us, change starts with you. Indeed, we are the transformation we want to see in the world to the extent that we are the world. You should also know that the way we perceive things constitutes our world. It is therefore important to drive out negative thoughts in order to cultivate a positive psychology. This is the best way to be happy, to flourish and to cultivate inner peace, hoping that it will rub off on those around us.

Practice compassion on a daily basis

Racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, etc., are forms of discrimination the seriousness of which we all know. Moreover, many organizations and associations actively campaign to end exclusion, whatever the aspect. The SOS Group is part of ; it plays a preponderant role at the level of society in different sectors of activity, namely youth, seniors, health, culture, employment, solidarity, international action or even ecological transition. But each individual can also contribute to a world without discrimination by practicing compassion on a daily basis. We may choose to choose altruism in order to improve our human relationships at the expense of negative emotions like racial segregation.

Meditate on our perception of things

Meditation is a great alternative for identifying your perception of things for the betterment of the world around us. To do this, create a Zen atmosphere where you can isolate yourself for a few minutes in order to fully appreciate your world. Then focus your attention on some object. Pay special attention to it in order to make it ubiquitous in your vision. Then put yourself in the place of this object by imagining that it has eyes to perceive its environment. This exercise is effective in realizing our way of seeing things.

Changing our perception of things

Once our perception of things is defined, we must become aware of what needs to be changed. It is not easy, as the negative side is ingrained in our thoughts. However, once we are fully aware of our negative thinking, we can envision a change. It is quite possible to cultivate a positive outlook on our own, but also by asking for external advice. Indeed, improving the world does not depend only on our own person; it is linked to our surroundings. However, we have the power to start and positively influence it.

Changing our perception of time

We can also be prone to a misperception of time, which prevents us from fully enjoying the present moment. Some habits need to be changed, namely running after lost time, rushing, self-pressure, etc. We must be fully aware of the power of the present moment that belongs to us to better manage our emotions, our daily lives, our actions, etc. The perception of time is abstract, but real and has a huge influence on our way of life. It is up to each of us to learn to manage time according to our own occupations in order to improve our world.