How to get the best price for your move?


Organizing a move takes time and organization, especially if you have a lot of furniture and boxes to carry.The easiest way is to use a moving company, this way you are sure that everything will be finished quickly, you won't have to ask half of your phone book to come and help you and on top of that, you may save money.Indeed, during a move, it is not uncommon to pay for the gasoline of those who help you, or to invite them to lunch, which can represent a rather large budget.By choosing to contact a mover, you only have to pay a fixed amount in advance and you save yourself all the stress of moving!

To be sure to get the best service at a fair price, it is best to request a moving quote to several professionals so that you can compare them before making your choice.

What criteria are prices taken into account in the estimate?

The easiest way is to request a quote online, so you won't waste time and spend a penny on stamps. You will be asked various questions, in particular regarding the volume of furniture and boxes that must be moved or even in relation to the distance between your old home and the new one.

In addition, be aware that some companies offer, optionally or as part of the package, to take care of the disassembly and reassembly of furniture, especially the most bulky. This can make your life a lot easier, since you won't have to spend long hours sitting around the loose parts of your bed or wardrobe wondering which box the screwdriver is in.

How long in advance should I notify a moving company? 

Obtaining a moving quote is quite quick in itself, once the request is made, the response will reach you in a few hours or days only. However, try to plan ahead as some times are busy for moving companies, staff may not be available on days it suits you, so you will need to choose another potentially more expensive company.

Is it possible to get financial assistance to pay for the moving costs?

You should know that a move, even with the best price, will always represent a significant cost for households with low or even average incomes. To prevent your change of life from incurring too much expense, consider apply for financial assistance with the organizations responsible for it. Depending on different criteria, you can receive a larger or smaller amount to cover the costs of your move.

Note also that if you have to move for professional reasons, your move may be taken care of by your employer, it all depends on your profession and the contract you have signed.