How to empty an apartment in Paris for free?

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Moves are often an opportunity to sort and get rid of what you haven't used for years. Likewise, when a loved one dies, comes the time when it is sometimes necessary to empty his home in order to put it up for sale or because the deceased was simply a tenant. Moving companies don’t have to throw out your bulky items, and you rarely have the urge to pay to get rid of unnecessary things. Fortunately, there are solutions to manage to empty an apartment without paying a penny. Here are the easiest and most common tips.

Use a junkyard

You might not know it, but there are professionals out there who take care of getting rid of everything that is used and clutters you. If you need a apartment storage in Paris, you just need to call on a specialized storage company.

The operation is very simple and works according to the so-called give-and-take system. The company will take over the task of getting rid of anything you no longer want, and will keep the valuable items. It will then pay itself by reselling for its profit everything that has a market value.

Before clearing your apartment, it is therefore important to bring this professional to the scene so that he can estimate the time required for the operation and assess the objects and furniture that he can resell.

Two possibilities are then possible: the value of what is salable will just cover the cost of the intervention of the storage company and it will therefore not invoice you for its service, or the sale of your old furniture and objects will bring in more than the cost of the clearance and the company will then pay you the differential.

Appeal to friends or to charity

For the sake of savings, and as with moving, many choose System D, calling on friends or family to help out with the chore.

However, this requires being able to organize long enough in advance to find the people available on the right day, when sometimes the clearance operation must be done urgently.

Likewise, the solution of donating your furniture or objects that still have a market value to a charity requires organization. Extremely in demand, its response time can sometimes exceed a month and it is not always possible for us to wait that long. In addition, these charities do not take all types of items, but only those that they are sure they can get a sufficient price to cover at least their travel costs.

For all of these reasons, using a junkyard is actually the best way to empty an apartment for free and quickly. It often intervenes within forty-eight hours, can mobilize the necessary number of people and will even have the required equipment, such as a furniture lift for example, to carry out the operation in confined spaces.