How do I clean the brick in my house?

clean brick house

Slightly neglected from the 1950s in favor of concrete, brick is a robust and very aesthetic building material that can be used alone or in addition to other techniques. It can also be placed indoors in a purely decorative way or be used for the construction of a fireplace because it has a high refractory capacity. Regardless of its use, the brick will still be visible in any case and will therefore require some maintenance. Here's how to clean your brick walls.

Getting rid of mold and moss

While there are several types of brick (solid, hollow, decorative, etc.) its manufacture is almost always the same, based on red and green clay or raw earth. Depending on its composition, brick may become a porous material and therefore sensitive to moisture.

This is why it is advisable to build your house, for example following the recommendations of Concrete formwork Laurentians if you live in that area. Once the concrete foundations are firmly established to receive the walls also mounted in concrete, nothing will prevent you from dressing them with a pretty brick facing to give the house a warm and authentic appearance.  

If the first exterior layer is made of bricks, it will be subjected directly to the elements but the rest of the structure of the house will be preserved by the strength of the concrete. You just need to clean the bricks every now and then because in shady and damp areas mold and rot tend to grow.

To remove mold, simply scrub clean with a stiff bristle brush dampened with a water-bleach solution. You can also choose to spray this mixture with a high pressure cleaner, being careful not to use it at maximum power so as not to damage the joints between each brick.

To remove the moss, you can use a weedkiller mixed with water and do the same.

Remove stains and restore shine to the brick

Some stains such as paint for example can be easily removed by rubbing locally with sandpaper. If it is about eliminating soot around a fireplace, it is advisable to simply use a powder detergent mixed with water and to prevent the brick from getting dirty again from the first wood fires, it is recommended to apply an anti -task on all affected areas.

If you want to add shine to interior brick, linseed oil will be ideal. It should be used pure and applied with a cloth or brush. Linseed oil will not only deeply nourish the brick but will also restore its shine. This operation can be repeated once a year.

Finally, if you have interior brick with a dimpled, not flat appearance, it will tend to pick up dust and even cobwebs if you live in the countryside. To clean this type of brick, all you need to do is vacuum the entire surface using the brush of your device.

Finally, brick is a very easy material to maintain because for each problem there is a solution that is easy to implement.