How to be elegant at work without overdoing it?

Today, when you're a professional, appearance matters a lot. This is all the more the case when working in an industry where the relationship with the customer is essential. However, we are seeing more and more that you do not have to be dressed up to do business and that an elegant, relaxed style is much more effective with customers. Everything is played out in detail in reality. 

The shirt collar

We all know the eternal debate about whether or not to unbutton your shirt collar at work. It’s very easy to dismiss this issue out of hand. Justopt for a shirt with a mandarin collar. Very refined, very modern, the Mao collar gives the shirt both an elegant and relaxed effect. He is wearing no tie and no tie due to its unique shape. The mandarin collar shirt can be worn in all circumstances. At work, it will bring a touch of originality. In the evening, it will give a lot of class to the one who wears it. In fact, it is ideal to stand out during a wedding ceremony. 


There are not many manufactured shirts to be worn with cufflinks. There are those who think it looks a bit dated. But it is clear that this is the height of elegance. Today, they are found in all styles. If you wear it on a special occasion or for an important meeting, choose a very clean model. On the other hand, for everyday life and work, you can afford to be a little more original and wear more fun buttons, with nice shapes or engraved messages.

The wrist watch

Today, no one wants to see those huge watches that cover almost the entire wrist and stick out way too far from the jacket sleeves. Even the biggest historic brands are now looking for much more refined designs and less "bling-bling". Fans of fine watchmaking opt for simpler and more vintage watch models. No more triple dials with different time zones or that give completely interesting information. Sometimes an old watch with a simple dial, slightly weathered and with a bracelet looks much more elegant. 

Thin socks

We must face the facts. Wearing your shoes without socks is a bad taste. To wear it with sports socks is another bad taste. When you want to be elegant even when you are sitting down and the pants are slightly up on the ankles, it is better to wear thin socks that you can find in specialist stores. Many are still being made in French factories and offer very elegant pairs with excellent quality fabric. For more casual days, you can even afford more original patterns to wear under jeans.