Have your home inspected to avoid unpleasant surprises

have house inspected

Like any construction, homes are not immune to aging infrastructure associated with climate change, land that is susceptible to shifting and damaging building foundations. Fortunately, there are signals to be aware of before it is too late and remedies to be implemented quickly to alleviate these problems.

Signals that should alert you to the poor condition of a house

Construction materials are constantly evolving and are increasingly technical in order to adapt to climatic and geological constraints and also to ground movements in seismic areas, for example. While the implementation of these new materials is possible during the construction of new buildings, which can benefit from these latest technological advances, the same is not true for old buildings.

It is therefore essential to monitor the walls and foundations of your house because they weaken over the years and can eventually cause irreversible disorders. Regular inspection of the structure by a specialized company is recommended as soon as signs such as major cracks or subsidence appear. There are of course different kinds of cracks and not all of them should alert you.

It is also sometimes necessary to ask witnesses in order to follow the evolution and if the gap of a crack widens, do not hesitate to call a company specializing in inspection and diagnosis. of this type of mess.

Technical solutions to consolidate foundations

The most classic solution is the resumption of underpinning of the foundations. This generally consists in clearing the foundations of the building to consolidate them using different processes. Among the latter, it is possible to operate by the use of micropiles when the recovery depths are important (from 15 to 20 m on average) or when the applied loads are high.

During the construction of parking lots, the support technique is used and there is also the process of creating armored trenches and shafts for low-rise sites.

The reworking of a building and therefore a fortiori of a house is a complicated operation that must be carried out by specialists in concrete formwork which are real construction companies. Carrying out this type of structural work requires heavy equipment and advanced knowledge. In addition, a preliminary soil study is almost always necessary in order to also determine the technique to be used.

Finally, you should know that for each problem there is a technical solution and nothing can now really prevent a building from being consolidated by using relatively few processes. invasive. The only condition is to do it early enough before the damage is irremediable or too costly to implement compared to the actual value of the building to be safeguarded.

The upstream inspection is therefore essential to achieve the correct technical diagnosis.