Bed and Breakfasts: How to attract new customers?

Maintaining guest rooms is no easy feat. Although for many guests, the real pleasure is found in the exchange that is created with the people accommodated, the logistical and technical challenges to be met are numerous. In fact, sufficient turnover must be ensured between the people admitted to ensure minimum profitability, otherwise the activity is not viable. In fact, the hospitality industry is extremely competitive, especially since collaborative platforms like Airbnb have been shaking up the market in recent years. Thus, it is now necessary to redouble inventiveness to stand out.

Take care of bedding and bath linen, an important detail

The devil is hiding in the details, they say. This applies all too well to guest houses, which must take care of every aspect of the accommodation they offer. For example, carefully selecting the bedding and bath linen that you are going to offer may seem trivial. Nevertheless, this is typically the kind of detail on which the establishment will be judged, good or bad. For example, there is a collection of bath linen, available on the Embrin website, which offers products made from flax fiber, a material that is very pleasant in contact with the skin. A detail that customers will undoubtedly appreciate. 

The fundamental importance of a good breakfast

In general, guest rooms have a plan that includes bed and breakfast. Moreover, this is the item that receives the most comments from customers on sites dedicated to type travelers Tripadvisor, good or bad again. Thus, a very careful, copious breakfast, made with products fresh and local will undoubtedly delight your guests. Conversely, beware of bad comments if you take the risk of offering a poor snack. Indeed, the sanction is likely to be immediate.