Flooring: what choices are available to you?

When it comes to decoration, the selection of the floor is as important as that of the color of the walls. Its choice is not only visual, but also tactile since we are often called upon to walk barefoot. The materials have evolved a lot over time, with products that perfectly imitate wood or tiles and are easy to maintain. If they have to adapt to the style of the place and to everyone's budget, what are the options currently available?

The option of natural soils

When we talk about natural floors, logic dictates that we first think of wood and then of ceramics. However, very few of us will cite the linoleum as part of natural and ecological floor coverings whereas it is, on the contrary, one of the very resistant and advantageous natural materials.

Linoleum is in fact made from renewable natural raw materials such as wood flour, cork flour, resins, mineral fillers and linseed oil. However, it is often confused with vinyl (otherwise known as PVC) which is manufactured for it by the petrochemical industries.

Mounted on a jute backing, it is now delivered in rolls or even tiles. Its maintenance is easy, but requires more care than vinyl. As for the colors, the choice is also very wide.

Lovers of warm atmospheres will undoubtedly prefer wood, which is used as parquet strips. It has the advantage of being resistant and easy to maintain thanks to specific products. It is ideal for houses in the countryside, because it directly echoes the nature outside, but is equally suitable for modern apartments that are also wanted warm.

Finally, we must also take into account stone and ceramics, which are no longer reserved only for damp rooms. These materials can easily accommodate an underfloor heating system and are also very impact resistant. Certain ceramics also imitate perfectly the design of the veins of wood.

The option of synthetic floors

For those who are not concerned about the origin of the materials, vinyl is a very attractive option from a financial point of view with unbeatable prices per square meter compared to the other products mentioned above.

Aesthetically, there are even vinyls today that are sold in tile to mimic the effect of tile. In the event of wear in an area, such as an entrance where there is more traffic, it is then easy to replace only the damaged parts. Some will marvelously reproduce the visual effect of wood and even sometimes its feel with fine grooves in extra thickness.

It is very easy to maintain, because a simple passage in water is enough to clean it. It's also quiet when walked on in shoes and soft when walked barefoot.

Finally, the carpets synthetic still occupy a significant market share especially in cities, even if they are a little out of fashion.