Everything you need to know about maintaining a wooden house

A house requires regular maintenance in order to preserve its original condition and to avoid major costly works. Also, maintaining your home affects its value if you plan to sell it or rent it out. This is all the more true for a wooden house, especially as timber frame construction models are more and more common. We tell you all about the maintenance of the latter.

Maintain a wooden house on a regular basis

Wood requires regular and rigorous maintenance. For the interior of a wooden house or chalet, it is not difficult to do so. All you need to do is get the cleaning products dedicated to the type of wood that makes up your home. Outdoors, regarding natural wood, the fact that it is patinated by the sun gives it an advantage in terms of appearance. This will turn from black to gray depending on changes in temperature, the altitude at which the house is located and depending on the type of wood.

For painted siding, maintenance is done approximately every 5 years and lasts for almost three days. To do this, it is first necessary touse a sandblasting cabin in order to restore its original appearance to the wood, then to proceed with a new painting. It is advisable to call on the services of a professional for an impeccable result. If the facade is covered with clear paint, maintenance is only done every 10 years. On the other hand, for a raw wood facade, no maintenance is required.

Maintain a wooden house on an ad hoc basis

When it comes to wood dedicated to the construction of wooden houses, they generally benefit from a professional treatment which guarantees them strength and longevity. But in addition to this pre-treatment, you also have a duty to maintain your wooden house on an ad hoc basis. This is simply to preserve the shine and charm of the material.

For facades, terraces and cladding timber, it is sufficient to apply varnish or stain to the coatings. By doing so, you also protect the wood from climatic changes like wind, sun, rain, frost, etc. This is because wood species tend to lighten naturally if you don't take care of them.

As for exotic woods placed outside, find out about oils specially dedicated to their maintenance. They allow them to be nourished and protected in order to keep their good appearance. Finally, for parquet and paneling, varnish application ensures that they are preserved from wear.

Maintaining a timber frame and solid timber home

To maintain a house with a wooden frame and solid wood, be sure to regularly apply treatment products of all kinds on a regular basis: autoclave, insecticide, fungicide. Also, be aware that the frame of solid wood houses does not require maintenance. However, remember to keep the natural look of the wood used on the exterior of your chalet by applying stain at least every two years. For painted wood panels and siding of this type of construction, it is sufficient to redo the paint when it begins to no longer show a beautiful color.