Buying a wall chaser: what you shouldn't overlook

Do you want to buy a wall chaser? You should know the different features of this device and all the accessories that may come with it.

The characteristics of a wall chaser

The two models of grooving machine that exist on the market are different from the point of view of their characteristics: the grooving cutter which as its name suggests has a cutter and the disc grooving machine which has disks. The first model is suitable for grooving soft materials, namely wood and plaster in particular, and the second is more suitable for concrete and other harder materials like stone.
This leads us to say that the disc model seems more efficient than the milling model because it can be used for various jobs, which explains the difference in price as well. In terms of maneuverability, the disc groover requires two hands, while the other model requires only one. The weight of the device can also affect its handling, with some models weighing up to 8 kilograms.
You should also pay attention to the depth and width of cut the machine can achieve if you want to purchase a wall chaser. Note that these characteristics vary depending on the model and brand chosen. In general, the depth and width of cut are adjustable using an adjustment wheel on the device, but often you have to test the device beforehand because there can unfortunately be a difference between what you find on the instructions and the reality. To buy the right model, therefore refer to a special groover buying guide or even consumer reviews so as not to be mistaken.

The different accessories of a wall chaser

The discs and the cutter are the main accessories that can be found on a wall chaser. The disc groover may have one or more discs depending on the brand; the number of strawberries can also vary according to the models. Note that the number of discs and cutters must be chosen according to the importance of the work. But it should be noted that models with more discs and burs are generally suitable for professional use, and many home users do not need as many accessories.
Some models of the wall chaser have additional accessories such as the storage case and an adapter for easy storage.particle suction. They may also come with a guide that helps the user to do the job correctly.