Buy an electric or manual stacker: the choice is yours!

In some areas, the transport of heavy loads can only be done with suitable equipment.Indeed, some goods are relatively heavy, so to move them or put them in height, it is impossible to do it by hand.Therefore, you will find very practical machines that will allow you to move, transport or store your goods in height.Among these many machines, we find electric or manual stackers.While stackers are used particularly in industry, there are a few things you need to know before you can use them. but here are the main things to know.

Do I need a specific license to use a stacker?

The stacker is a kind of vehicle that strongly resembles a forklift or pallet truck, so to use a stacker, you must first follow specific training. Without this training, you will not be able to use a stacker. In addition, be aware that if you want to drive a rider stacker, the CACES forklift operator is mandatory unlike the pedestrian stacker where the CACES it's not mandatory. If you don't know, CACES is a paid course that must be renewed every five years. Also, remember that when using a stacker, you absolutely must be equipped with a helmet, safety shoes and gloves in order to protect yourself well in the event of an accident.

Which stacker to choose?

Many do not know it, but there are several different types of stackers.First, there are manual stackers.These are the cheapest models but also the most restrictive because everything is done manually since there is no engine.Then there are the semi-electric stackers.These models are a little more interesting but also cost more than manual stackers.For example, semi-electric models allow goods to be lifted using an electrical process, but when it comes to moving the stacker, this is done manually.Finally, electric stackers are the most efficient models but also the most expensive.With these stackers, nothing is done manually since they have an electric motor as well as a battery.

So, if you need to transport small loads over short distances without necessarily having to place them high, you can opt for a manual stacker. On the other hand, if your goods are quite heavy and you have to transport a lot of them and over great distances, it will be better to invest in an electric stacker.

The use of a stacker, whether electric or manual, still requires specific training as well as CACES in some cases.Also, always keep in mind that these machines can be dangerous so always equip yourself with a helmet, gloves and safety shoes.Unfortunately, accidents happen very quickly and it is therefore essential to be well protected.In any case, manual and electric stackers are devices that will be of great use to you in many areas.