Building permits and real estate sales: the remedies

Not long ago a real estate developer offered you a rather interesting sum to buy your house and you really want to accept it? The problem is, you wonder if the sale is going to close for good or if you will waste time because obstacles may stand in your way. You are absolutely right. When a real estate developer applies for a building permit for his future project, a number of people may object. That said, there are some details you should know before you know how to sell your house to a developer because you cannot contest a building permit without reason. So what are the different remedies for contesting or canceling a building permit?

The town hall can oppose your project

When a developer wants to obtain a building permit to carry out his project, he must contact the town hall. However, if the town hall judges that the project is unreliable, may inconvenience the population or doubts the seriousness of the developer, the mayor can simply refuse to issue the building permit. In this case, the promoter will not be able to carry out his real estate project.

Neighbors may be against your project

If the move to the town hall was successful, it is because your project has been consulted in detail and the Mayor has seen fit to issue you with the building permit. Only, your project can annoy the neighbors who have the possibility, within two months of obtaining the building permit, to contest it and try to stop the project. Obviously, neighbors who oppose the project must have proof of inconvenience or nuisance.

Other people can also oppose the project

The Mayor and neighbors can oppose the project, but they are not the only people who can. Indeed, in some cases, your house may be on a classified, protected site or on an archaeological site. Therefore, the architects of Buildings of France may, for example, oppose the project of the real estate developer and therefore frustrate a sale.

As you will understand, selling to a real estate developer is more advantageous in terms of the selling price but since the sale is not guaranteed at 100 % due to several factors, it can also waste your time. So if you are in a hurry to sell, opt for a classic sale but if you have no time constraint, in this case, the sale to a real estate developer will be much more interesting because you can get a better price for your property. . So think carefully about what interests you the most before making your decision and signing a sales contract because after that you will not be able to go back.