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Difficult to make a choice for your new Came Gate Motorization? We wrote this Came Portal Motorization special purchasing guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Cam Gate Motorization!

Our selection of cam gate motorization

Cam gate motorization buying guide

The portal is, so to speak, the first visible element of a dwelling. It constitutes a passage, but also a Protection for the whole building. It can just as easily be a professional room as an individual dwelling. In any case, there are a few disappointments that we would like to get rid of: getting out of the car to open and close the gate, being in the rain or cold more than once a day, having trouble pushing the gate. The solution is simple: Gate Motorization. To do this, our comparison invites you to take an interest in a recognized brand: Came. How can the Came gate operator be useful to you? Here are the answers to help you make a smart purchase for the best gate automation system.

An overview on the portal

As we have just mentioned, the gate is an essential element for a home. It can be made of wood, PVC, aluminum or wrought iron. Its configuration can be in one or two leaves, which gives the swing gate. It can also be sliding, more modern in order to allow a side opening.

The installation of a portal is usually done by a professional. He needs solid fixings with a certain fluidity to avoid any type of squeaking. The aesthetic side is not left out either, so that the gate successfully matches the style of the house or building in question.

Finally comes the comfort in use which at the same time offers gate security. In this comparison, we are talking about gate automation, but not just any. This is the Came gate motor.

Little reminder on Came

Came has been an internationally recognized player in the field of gate automation for over 40 years. The brand comes from Italy and was established in France in the 1980s to offer households and professional buildings an innovative and secure gate automation.

Today, Came presents itself as a reference for gate motorization, but also garage door. Installation can be done by a professional. If not, you can also do it yourself as Came offers kit models with all the necessary instructions for you to test the portal and install it easily. Whether it is a sliding gate or a swing gate, a new gate or an already existing gate, you will find the suitable motorization system. All you have to do is press the remote control to open and close your gate.

Why the Came gate motorization?

When your gate is equipped with a motor, it is much more secure. It becomes more difficult for burglars to attempt a break-in. In addition, the Came gate motorisation saves you many inconveniences since there is no need to get out of the car to open or close the gate. You have a remote control in your hand to control the operation of the gate. Not to mention that the latter only obeys this remote control. No other type of control is possible. Which increases your security. As far as use is concerned, there is nothing to worry about since the Came gate operator is easy to handle. It only takes the press of a button to open and close.

With the influx of powertrain systems on the market, then you wonder why choose Came? Simply because it is a brand recognized as leader in gate automation. In addition to its extensive experience in the industry, it should be noted that its products are constantly evolving to adapt to current technological advances. Without forgetting the respect of European standards.

In addition, Came gate motor systems are designed to accept all gate weights. You just need to educate yourself on the subject.

The best Came gate motor

Came offers different engine models. To choose the one that suits your exterior opening, you must consider the weight of your gate, its dimensions, in particular the width and height, as well as the possible presence of pillars. In the case of a swing gate, remember to check if you have sufficient space to avoid any encroachment.

As an indication, here are some Came motorizations which could be suitable for your gate. If you like discretion with low visibility, opt for a FROG underground motor. If your space is rather limited, you can choose the AMICO linear outdoor automation system. In the opposite case where your gate is large, it is better to have an external automation with articulated arms FAST 40 or FERNI. In the case of a wrought iron gate, there is a special kit from Came for this purpose. Whether your gate is sliding or swinging, you will always find the right motorization kit with the Came brand.

More details on the selection criteria

It is therefore important to know that before choosing one model or another, it is first crucial to differentiate between engine specifics for swing and sliding gates.

The motorization system for swing gates

If your gate is of the swing type, it is therefore necessary to focus on the following elements:

  • The length and width of the leaf (s)
  • The weight of each leaf, which should not exceed a certain limit specified in the technical sheets of the available models. This particularly important information should not be taken lightly.
  • The distance between the axis of the pivots and the inner ends of the gate.
  • The distance between the pillar and the party wall in case you have this configuration.

Note that these ribs will determine the space available at the pillars to allow the choice of the appropriate type of automation. In general, an articulated arm motorization requires a space for the beating of the arms and for laying 40 to 50 cm about. A cylinder motor is recommended for reduced space. However, in general, here are the specifics necessary for the installation of these two types of engine.

  • Hand motorization
  • This automatic arm system is especially dedicated to pillars with large dimensions and are able to adapt to all types of doors, whether heavy or light. The models available are often 24 and 230 Volts. This is the most widespread model characterized in reproducing the movement of a human arm. Depending on the model, the opening angle can be up to 120 °. Its fixing is quite simple, because it is fixed directly on a wall or on a pillar. Finally, this type of motorization most often has a very attractive price-performance ratio compared to other gate operators.

  • Actuator motorization
  • This type of engine is much more discreet than an automatic arm gate system. As its name suggests, this motorization uses cylinders to open and close your swing gate. It is also available in 24 and 230 Volts and can be used in a particularly small space. As far as the price is concerned, it is often a little more expensive than hand-operated engines.

  • The underground motorization
  • The gate automation system intended to be buried is especially ideal for installing a new gate. Completely invisible both from inside and outside your home, this type of engine is by law the most aesthetic. It can also be adapted to all types of swing gate, which makes it very versatile. Among its main advantages, we can for example talk about its ability to take no space. This is a real advantage, especially for small aisles that cannot accommodate any other process. However, be aware that there are a few prerequisites before installing this type of engine. First, you will need masonry work for the installation of boxes. For this, you will need to call in a professional if you do not have the skills in this area. Compared to the price, underground motors are the most expensive on the market.

The sliding gate motorization system

First of all, it is important to clarify that there are two types of sliding gate. In fact, there are rail gates and self-supporting gates. Of course, they each have dedicated automation systems. However, on certain points, it is always possible to choose according to criteria which are identical to them.

  • The weight and dimensions of your gate
  • These points are very important when choosing a sliding gate motor. Indeed, each gate motor is designed to be adapted to a maximum weight. This should be available on the specification sheet for the model you purchased.

  • The installation of a rack
  • Note that it is necessary to install a rack for the lateral opening and closing of your gate. It must be fixed to the gate while connecting to the motor pinion. Depending on the model, the rack can be delivered with the complete pack or must be purchased separately.

  • Motor power
  • For food, you have two choices. Either you opt for 24 Volts, or for 230 Volts. The first option is preferred if you only have one entry. In fact, it will still be functional even if there is a power failure, by equipping it with a backup battery supplied separately, in general. However, the majority of the models you will find run on 230 volts. To avoid being blocked in the event of a power cut, you can add a unlock kit outside.

As far as installation and everything goes, the procedures and features are pretty much the same as for swing gate operators. However, a small difference remains: the difficulty of fitting an exterior unlocking system. If you opt for a sliding gate for something new or if yours is of this type, make sure you have a emergency entrance and exit.

How to maintain your Came gate motor?

Maintenance procedures must be carried out on your gate operator if you want it to last over time and to always operate correctly.
So, every 6 months, check the opening and closing of your gate, paying attention to any possible malfunction. Therefore, check:

  • The safety devices of your engine.
  • Manual motor disengagement to see if it is working properly.
  • Slowing down of the gate when it reaches the end of its travel.
  • Moving components and lubricate if necessary.

Every year, however, you will have to:

  • Check the locking system as well as the guiding components such as rails or rollers.
  • Check the correct operation of the control systems on the gate and on the remote control.
  • Check the gate fixings on its support and check the alignment.
  • Check for corrosion and the condition of the paint.

Checks of a swing gate motorization

For swing gates, try to check the condition of all joints and lubricate them if necessary. Remember to check the level of grease on the worm gear for a jacks model.

Checks of a sliding gate motorization

For this type of motor, check the condition of the wheels as well as the play between the receiving posts and your gate. You should also make sure that there are no obstacles hindering the sliding on the rails.

Checks of a buried motorization

It is advisable to open and clean the boxes at least 3 times a year. Also check the water drainage system to see if everything is working perfectly.

What to do about humidity and insects?

Insects and humidity are the main enemies of a gate operator. Check at least twice a year to see if there is any moisture and insects in your control unit. In case there is moisture, be sure to wipe it off and use moisture-wicking bags. To prevent the proliferation of insects, use an insect repellent spray. Be careful not to spray it on the electronic boards, as this may damage them.

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