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Internet browsing is full of several parameters that must be mastered to see any effectiveness in its actions.Indeed, the use of ICTs does not essentially boil down to an overview of the many information or entertainment sites.The Internet offers more useful perspectives for personal and especially professional purposes.Computer connoisseurs also know that this is a world where the concepts of confidentiality and privacy are often not respected.The numerous testimonies of Internet users in the forums demonstrate this vulnerability of the communication tunnels that the public uses.A field where hacking as well as the collection of information without agreement is the proof.

The use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network to surf the web therefore becomes inevitable. In this way, we can perform more free and more secure actions. A VPN is not limited to a professional network that allows you to consult files shared on the intranet. It has more functions and its scope goes beyond the simple standing of securing its navigation. There are then several VPN providers and all Internet users can get them on the web. In addition, it is not essential to have a paid version, a free vpn has the same attributes.

The effectiveness of free vpn

Product comparators tested the effectiveness of VPN free present on the market. There are currently more than 20 types of VPNs used by Internet users. Opinions differ from country to country, but the majority agree on a specific top 3. We therefore know the famous Hydemyass, Express VPN and IPVanish, as the main VPN providers known in the digital market. Engineers and IT people, however, are keen to stress the effectiveness of paid versions and the risks of free VPNs. Points that are well highlighted by the VPN reviews.

All VPNs then have the primary function of connecting the various devices through a specific and secure communications tunnel. And geographic limitations have no impact on this connection maneuver. Internet service providers then set up their own connection network and have control over the exchanges that take place there. A Free VPN allows you to secure your browsing and to bypass the territorial restrictions on access to certain sites. Governments in collaboration with internet providers have put in place a containment of digital gateways where only local devices and IP addresses can access certain sites. This is the case of Netflix or TF1.fr which can only be accessed by people located in America and France. Even a free VPN then consists of relocating their devices by changing their IP addresses to safely bypass these geographic barriers when traveling outside.

Improves your connection speed

The crucial information that internet users forget is that a Free VPN speeds up connection speed. This situation is due to the fact that some VPN providers are not yet very well known in the market. This reduces traffic when connecting through a VPN. The latter being a cipher suite where the network is encrypted is then based on an algorithm which regulates connection speed. In case of user saturation, the connection may slow down and vice versa. The advantage of having a VPN from a provider that has a wide choice of host is the solution for this kind of problem. In this way, we have the choice between several types of VPN for each country.

There are also algorithms in place to "boost" its connection to the VPN network. Comparators even run tests to analyze VPN connection speed. This speed improvement process is based on traffic compression in virtual tunnels. The VPN network is therefore configured in such a way as to compress the data at the entrance to the tunnels in order to speed up actions. The differences are especially noticeable when downloading files.

Browse anonymously

The notwithstanding point of using a VPN is the anonymity it provides to its users. As noted above, the internet is full of hackers and malicious entities that monitor its browsing. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are constantly accused of information theft or clandestine tracking of their customers' virtual exchanges. A Free VPN then allows you to change your IP address so that you cannot go back to the source. This is a process of encrypting its browsing which is hidden. So, apart from the fact that you cannot access your IP address, you also secure access to your personal data. The VPN encryption process differs from provider to provider, but it serves the same purpose (Know a little more).

ISPs then assign each client an IP address when it connects to their network.It is through this process that geographic restrictions operate.You can only access sites while in your own country.A situation that becomes very frustrating when traveling abroad.However, a VPN makes it possible to bypass the speed cameras of the authorities who fight against piracy by going through a VPN specific to a country.Thus, one connects incognito on the network of his country by using a specific communication tunnel.The whole process is obviously done under complete anonymity and there is no risk of being prosecuted by Hadopi.