All about breast augmentation

Long perceived as a star's whim, breast augmentation surgery has become very popular over the past twenty years. Today, surgeons have considerably improved their techniques to offer procedures adapted to the needs of each woman, whether it is to erase the first signs of aging, for pathological reasons or simply for aesthetic reasons. In this article, we tell you all about it. 

The varied profile of patients

Today, breast augmentation interests all kinds of women, whatever their ages and socio-professional categories. They are motivated by their desires, but more often by their complexes. Sagging breasts, splayed breasts, asymmetrical or non-existent breasts are all reasons that push future patients to open the door of the cosmetic surgery clinics

Techniques adapted to everyone's needs

As the patient profile is now more diverse than before, cosmetic surgeons have had to adapt their techniques to achieve a very natural result. As stated in Dr Frédéric Sarfati specialist in breast augmentation, we will not offer the same type of intervention depending on the case. A woman who wishes to increase slightly the size of his chest will more easily opt for fat injection. This technique involves removing fat from other areas of the body through liposuction, then injecting it back into the chest to achieve the desired size and shape. On the other hand, larger defects or total reconstruction following ablation (as is the case in the treatment of breast cancer) require the use of breast prostheses. There are now different models with specific shapes to adapt to different scenarios (breasts apart, close together, deformed ...).

Invisible scars

After experiencing the incision under the breast and around the nipple, many practitioners have decided to use the axillary incision technique to avoid scarring. Now they insert the breast prosthesis in the armpit so that the scar is completely invisible. Thanks to this technique, the traces of the operation are not visible for an even more natural result.

Reduce convalescence time

Today the surgeons specializing in aesthetics have gained in precision. This is great news for patients. First, recovery time is drastically reduced and women can return to work very quickly. Depending on the case and the professional activity carried out, patients will only need to take 2 to 7 days off for convalescence. Usually after 8 days the dressing is removed. Under medical supervision, sports activity can be resumed after a fortnight. During the first few months, the breasts tend to firm up, but the suppleness of the breasts and the final shape are fully recovered after a year.

How to prepare for the intervention?

For patients who want to have an operation and who cannot benefit from help at home, it is important to plan several things. First, before going to the clinic, make sure you have clean accommodation. Clean the bathrooms and change the bed linen. On your return, do not hesitate to call a home help for household chores and shopping.