Everything you need to know about roof cleaning methods

The roof tends to accumulate various plant matter such as lichens and moss. These tarnish the look of a home, leading homeowners to clean up or hire professionals. Roofing requires constant maintenance, as these substances can damage the structure of tiles, slates or zinc.
It should be noted that cleaning the cover of a home is not an activity to be done lightly. It is even heavily used to maintain the quality of a building. In fact, it can be done in various ways, the most important of which are defoaming and rinsing.

Roof defoaming

The lichens are plant substances resulting from moisture and bacteria that settle on porous surfaces. Terracotta tiles, bricks, concrete, slates and even zinc can be hosts. However, roofs are generally made from these materials. Indeed, the defoamer is an activity very well known by the owners of houses with roofs which are made from these materials. To cleanse this surface, a defoaming action is then carried out to remove the lichen mosses.

To clean your roof, it’s not enough to just use a ladder and a small shovel. This is because it is necessary to take a security measure to perform such a task. Among other things, attaching yourself to a safety harness, hanging ropes to ensure your movements and wearing a helmet in the event of a fall. By removing moss from your own roof, you take risks. Hence the need to contact a roofer 95 to clean his roof.

Rinsing the roof and its house

The defoamer is not the only step in perfecting your roof cleaning. Indeed, the stains will be eradicated only after a powerful jet of water. This is where the rinsing. Note that it is not just a matter of spraying the roof with a garden hose. Indeed, the rinsing is followed by a spray of algicide which is a product that slows down the deposition of foams. In order to prevent the appearance of foams, you must pour 1L for 1m² on a clean blanket. But by calling on professionals, they are already equipped with all cleaning products.

To shine the roof of a house, you can also use water repellents which reduce the porosity of the tiles. The water repellent, however, needs to stay on the roof for more than 24 hours before undergoing a high pressure water rinse. This product is used to give a smoother texture and thus slows down the deposition of foams. Because bad weather as well as pollution are the first factors favoring the appearance of moss. With a smooth-textured blanket covered in defoamer, cleaning will only happen once a year, instead of three. The house thus preserves an appearance maintained throughout the year.