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The air conditioner, in a nutshell, is ... Greater comfort and health. Eh yes ! But before installing an air conditioner at home or in a workplace, you have to choose between different models of equipment according to various criteria: cost, performance, energy consumption, design ... We know thatthere is Inverter technology which is spreading more and more given its high performance. It incorporates several types of reversible air conditioners, but also models of split mobile air conditioners, Without forgetting stationary air conditioners. We also quote the Silent Mobile Air Conditioner appreciated for its maneuverability, its discretion and its side ecological.

With a good quality air conditioner, you will no longer suffer from intense heat or cold.

What is the air conditioner used for?

The air conditioner is a multifunctional complete equipment, designed to improve comfort, health as well as the environment in which we live. Depending on the model chosen, air conditioning can:

  • Cool the air in case of hot weather thanks to a manual or electronic thermostat;
  • Increase the air temperature In winter ;
  • Make Savings of heating ;
  • Have a capital gain in the case of the resale of the dwelling according to the value of the air conditioning system installed;
  • Purify the air ;
  • Dehumidify the air.
Fresh air in the summer, when the sun is at its peak ... Thanks to the air conditioner!

Air conditioning: an essential solution in summer

During high temperatures in summer, the solution air cooling is essential. Given the changing climate which heralds longer and warmer summer seasons, the protection of frail people, including seniors, children and patients, is of paramount importance. As a result, a large number of projects consisting of equipping all buildings with an air-conditioned room have been put in place. These are places that welcome senior citizens, these are mainly retirement homes and homes. Having an air conditioning system at home is no longer a luxury, because it has become a need.

Then in winter, with your air conditioner on, you won't even feel the freezing cold.

Heating in winter

To benefit from the warming of the air during harsh cold periods, models of Reversible Air Conditioner are put on the market. They are so called because they have properties that can reverse the refrigeration cycle. This type of air conditioner is very practical because it offers two functions in the use of one equipment. In addition, it is economical because it is much cheaper than conventional equipment. Comfort at home is therefore there. Everyone will enjoy the optimum temperature even when it is below 0 degrees.

The different types of air conditioners

Air conditioners are available in various models. Manufacturers are careful to offer systems that truly meet the needs of users. Each model has its peculiarities, his Design, his Performances. We find :

You have to guide your choice
air conditioner
according to his needs

Regarding the optional variants, we have:

The portable monobloc air conditioner is,
as the name suggests, portable.

The portable monobloc air conditioner

Also called portable air conditioner, it is designed to cool any room in the home. Sold to a low cost, it provides good comfort without the preparation of a large budget. It consists of a unit with a hot air evacuator via a flexible. It is mobile because it is equipped with wheels and a handle. During the day, it perfectly integrates the living room to then be transported to the bedroom at night. This model also has the function that dehumidifies and filters the air housing. We then have better air quality in the room where it is installed.

The fixed air conditioner

The stationary air conditioner is installed at a square predefined ; once it's up and running, it consistently delivers the desired temperature throughout the house. When it's too hot, but you don't feel like opening the windows, you still enjoy a cool and soothing atmosphere. If it is reversible, it can be adjusted according to the season.

The fixed air conditioner appeals to more than one!

However, this air conditioner has some drawbacks. First there is the sound volume that it emits; it will then be necessary to make sure that the chosen model is not too noisy compared to the other offers. A regular maintenance is also recommended for the air filter to be durable. Finally, its price is still high.

The split air conditioner

The Split air conditioner is so efficient

The split-system concerns a type of air conditioner, the fresh air supply of which is divided into two parts. These are connected by a refrigeration link which transports heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is in this external unit that the compressor is located. The one inside is meant to provide air conditioning at the desired temperature. The split air conditioner can be mono-split, consisting of one indoor unit, or multi-split, with many indoor units. The outdoor unit is always 1 in number. When operating in the heat pump, the split-system is reversible. Note, moreover, that the indoor unit can be presented in different aesthetic configurations: wall, ceiling, cassettes or other.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology today incorporates several types of air conditioners. It is optional, but turns out to be very interesting, more economical, and more practical. Its main function is to allow the air conditioning system to "regulate" and "automatically" adapt the speed and power according to temperature variations. It also ensures a optimization of energy consumption. Since the inverter air conditioner is running all the time and there is no need to restart the system, which involves additional energy consumption, manufacturers report that users benefit from 20 to 25 % of energy.

The inverter air conditioning uses less energy than other models

The most (re) known brands to date

As in any purchase, it is always preferable to bet on safety and to turn to reputable and appreciated brands so as not to face unpleasant surprises. We count for example Daikin air conditioners which stand out for their energy efficiency and elegance. The Mitsubishu brand is also well known for its high tech devices. You can therefore be sure to find a safe bet by opting for Mitsubishi air conditioners.

Outraged Daikin clims and Mitsubishi, there is also the Hitachi brand which provides a wide variety of air conditioning systems to meet all needs.