A bituminous shingle roof, an option that is increasingly attractive!

Available in the form of felt, roll and shingle, bitumen has various qualities (insulating, waterproofing, etc.). This is the reason why he is called upon in construction to achieve a custom-made roof and in renovation for repair.

His advantages

Bitumen shingles are composed of a fiberglass frame covered with a layer of bitumen on both sides. They have many advantages: impermeability, flexibility and lightness. These roofing materials are also customizable at will and are available in various colors (black, red, slate gray, green, etc.).

There are many bituminous shingles on the market suitable for roofing or siding for garden sheds, houses and buildings, both new and under renovation. In addition to their waterproofness, they are appreciated for their quick set up and easy as well as their mechanical resistance.

The pose

Before installing asphalt shingles, you must take into account the orientation of the prevailing winds as well as the slope. This must be greater than 15 %. The roof is fixed on a continuous support. The installation can be done by following two methods:

  • The American pose : it is done with nails and staples. This solution is ideal for terraces, garages and garden sheds.
  • French pose : it is carried out using hooks passing over wooden battens or battens. This technique is more complex and takes more time. It is better to entrust the work to a professional roofer.


The repair of bituminous shingle roofs is subject to strict standards (CB 71, DTU 31.1, DTU 31.2, DTU 31.3 and DTU 32.1). Before the work, it is essential to analyze the condition of the roof. You should also make sure that the product has a glass and non-cellulose frame. The ventilation of the entire roof must also be checked, not to mention the condition of the panels on which the asphalt shingles will be installed.

The price

The price of shingles varies according to the shapes and colors. Remember that you must also take into account the salary of roofer if you have to give him the job. In all cases, it is preferable to request a personalized quote.

The interview

It is necessary to properly maintain the bituminous shingle roof to prolong its life. You must remove dead leaves and other plant debris. Also remember to clean the foam that could deteriorate the cover using a specific product. Theuse of a high pressure cleaner is strongly discouraged.