4 × 4 rental with rooftop tent in Costa Rica: experience a trip to the heart of nature

Travel by 4 × 4 with a roof top tent in Costa Rica is going to turn out to be a great idea if you like to live independently and even more so if you consider straying from the beaten path. Indeed, it will not always be easy, for example, to find accommodation in certain regions of the country. Plus, traveling with a tent on the roof will save you from spending long minutes or even hours thinking about the best way to set up camp. You can stop in any authorized area and in a few moments your bed will be ready!

Be independent in the organization of your trip

If you are just going on a trip to Costa Rica without renting a vehicle, you will be dependent on public transport. With a car, you will already be able to move around as you wish, taking your time and enjoying the different landscapes that will be available to you. However, even with a vehicle, you will have to find accommodation each evening. During the tourist season, it may even be necessary to book your hotel several days or even weeks in advance. So you won't be able to change your plans at the last minute.

On the other hand, with a 4 × 4 equipped with a tent on the roof, you can not only go anywhere, but also go at your own pace. For example, you can decide to spend several days in the same place because you feel good there without having to cancel the different hotels in which you had booked a night. In addition, in the event of late cancellation, charges may apply. Renting a vehicle with a tent is going to be economical compared to renting a simple vehicle, since you will not have to pay the hotel!

Have the opportunity to meet many people

The advantage with a 4 × 4 that has a tent on the roof, is that it will sometimes require you to stop in areas dedicated to vehicle travelers. Thus, you will meet other people traveling in the same way and can interact with them. Depending on where you stop, you may be near villages far from the big cities and therefore can more easily chat with the locals and learn more about the country's history, traditions, habits, etc. . In addition, stopping in places far from tourist places will be the best way to taste authentic and original dishes.

Wake up in magical places

Since your accommodation will be above your vehicle, you will not need to approach large cities to sleep each night. Depending on the regulations of the region you are in, you can simply stop at the place that seems best to you and enjoy the view. You will fall asleep under the stars and wake up to the sun bathing the landscapes that surround you. You will come back with unique memories!